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My Writing

Here are some of my published short stories that you can read:

"How Jewish Customs and Traditions Evolved: 1492 to Today," History Through Fiction, 2024. (Non-fiction.)

"Turning History Into Fiction: Bringing the 1492 Expulsion of the Jews from Spain to Life," History Through Fiction, 2024. (Non-fiction.)

"From Dream to Reality: An Author's Journey," History Through Fiction, 2024. (Non-fiction.)

"What I Didn't Expect from the Spanish Inquisition," History Through Fiction, 2024. (Non-ficton.)

"Four Dollars More," Tabula Rasa Review, 2023.


"South of Sepharad: A Novel Excerpt," History Through Fiction, 2022 (Requires free subscription to read)

"Nothing Here Will Grow Again," The GroundUp, 2022


"The Road to San Xavier," Brazos River Review, 2022


"The Green Shoes," Halfway Down the Stairs, 2022

"Health Freak," The Rush, 2021

"Accomplice," The Cost of Paper, 2016

Dreams of an American Exile, Black Hill Press, 2015

"La Laguna," Mobius: The Journal of Social Change, 2014

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